Field Trip! Los Angeles Flower District

Field Trip! Los Angeles Flower District

Curious where we get all of our flowers? Wonder no more!

the early bird gets the blooms! Our shoppers get up bright and early to head to the Flower District in downtown L.A., an area dating back to the early 1900's that spans over 6 blocks, creating the largest wholesale flower market in the country. The biggest vendors include The Original Los Angeles Flower Market, The Southern California Flower Market, and Wall Street Florals. 

Plus, fun little movie fact, if you saw the 2010 movie Valentine's Day, where Ashton Kutcher plays a florist, you can catch a glimpse of the Flower Markets at the very beginning as he prepares for the Valentine's Day delivery slam - which is a super real thing. Even on normal days, these hard-working vendors will arrive as early as 2 am (and 11 pm the night before for the big holidays!) to receive and prepare the shipments from the flowers farms, so they're ready to go when we arrive. It's a boat load of work, and we appreciate all they do to help us get flowers to you!

 Once we arrive, our florist bop around from vendor to vendor Some of our favorites include Mellano & FleuraMetz. For our greens and flowers that we offer every day, the vendors will pull the bundles from their stock ahead of time for us. But, if you know us, you know we love our Seasonal flowers! So once we collect our regular haul, we get to peruse the market to see which seasonal blooms stand out to us that day. 

This is also when we grab any flowers that we may need for orders where people have certain color pallets or special flower types that they're wanting.


Then we take our fully-loaded cart and roll on out to load up the cars. Some days it's just a bunch of flowers, other days succulents, and other days both!  Finally, we head back to the shop so can use all the beautiful blooms to make your orders!


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