About Us

WildFlora, born in 2014 as a florist/landscape design combo shop, has now evolved into two different businesses!

However, we are both still on a mission to bring forth geographically & environmentally inspired solutions, products, & cutting-edge designs that are ecologically responsible while being convenient and fresh.

We offer floral designs, plants, terrariums, and environmentally friendly products, all which keep the ecosystem in mind.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our brother company, WildFlora Design Studio, which offers residential landscape design solutions.


wildflora owner alexandra scholtz studio city los angeles florist designer flowers shop female owned business

Alexandra Scholtz Owner + Lead Floral Designer

Like mother like daughter-- Growing up with two family-owned flower shops, Alexandra has been surrounded by the beauty of flowers from a young age. Always turning to nature for inspiration, Alexandra takes the time to understand what each bloom brings to the table. The energy & love that's behind flower-giving is what's got her hooked. With a degree in Hospitality; Event Management and extensive experience in florals; events, Alexandra brings a fresh perspective to WildFlora's Floral Studio


Antoinette Hernandez Floral Designer hiking eco friendly floral tattoo arm bouquet

Antoinette Hernandez Shop Lead + Floral Designer

Like a skipping stone, Antoinette spent her younger years bouncing around the state of California. Through it all, she developed a love for photography, hiking and all things nature, as is evident by her gorgeous floral tattoo sleeve. Her love for nature doesn't stop there, however. She incorporates eco-friendly practices in all she does, though she promised us, as a vegetarian, that she won't eat the plants in the shop. As a young girl, there was a florist on her way to school, but when she was finally old enough to work, the shop closed, so she's finally fulfilling her childhood dream by joining the WildFlora family. Speaking of family, she has many fur babies: four cats - Kiki, Lily, Bear, & Olivia - and two dogs - Mallory and Mamas. 

ariel lofaro staff wildflora designer florist

Ariel Lofaro Floral Designer

Ariel, our in-house spiritual gangster & psychic, was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She switched up coasts a couple years back to pursue directing in Los Angeles, and always hoped to work in a floral shop when she retired...but the universe answered that request waaay sooner than she anticipated. Ariel can be found bouncing around the shop, making up songs about any and everything - basically what it would be like is Jess and Schmidt from New Girl had a baby. When she's not jamming here, she enjoys listening to music and the beach, or basking in the sun in general. 

Bailey Haack Floral Designer Minnesota artist installation Kevyn

Bailey Haack Floral Designer

Bailey is our Wisconsin-grown, West Coast livin' Minnesotan at heart, who loves black coffee, tiny embroidery, music, and art of all sorts. After earning a degree in Design/Art/Mass Communication, she realized her passion for plants and flowers and decided to use her design training in a new way as a floral designer. She and her best friend Kevyn (a teeny pug/chihuahua mix pup) are recent transplants to LA, and when they’re not out exploring nature together, Bailey can likely be found helping to build a large-scale art installations, picking dead leaves off any houseplants in the vicinity, or renovating her 1979 camper van.

Wildflora Los Angeles florist Ventura Blvd Studio City California florist flower delivery bouquet floral arrangement wedding event special occasion shop store garden gifts red flowers chloe bradburn staff manager designer

Chloe Bradburn Area Manager + Floral Designer

Hailing from America's Heartland, Chloe joined the WildFlora team to build upon her floral background from her family's floral shop in Indiana. With her playful and witty demeanor, Chloe is always looking to crack a joke and put a smile on your face, unless she's your opponent in boxing, which she's really into right now. She loves the flora and fauna of the world, especially her dog Gus.

alex Grace Sugg Floral Designer creative writing csun student anthurium pink

Grace Sugg Floral Designer

Grace is actually yet another Alex, but she's gleefully agreed to rock her middle name to avoid confusion. Like the famed raisins of the 80's, Grace is California-grown, coming to us from the desert in the Antelope Valley. In an effective effort to avoid snow, she moved to Los Angeles, where she is now a Creative Writing student at CSUN. She loves books, as the creative writers are wont to do. She was once asked the question, "If you could be on any game show, which would you choose!?" "Uhm, the Price is Right, I guess...?" was her answer.

Jack Hughes Shop Worker + Delivery Driver

Jack was born and raised by wolves in Minnesota. He enjoys music, sharks, and sunset cruises on his skateboard around Valley Village while jamming to none other than Barry White. Between writing music and hanging out at Zuma Beach, he finds time to cook for his beautiful girlfriend, Angela (and though  it is unconfirmed, rumor has it that he wears a "Kiss the Cook" apron). Jack believes the most important things in life are love, respect, and treating strangers like old friends.

jj obee actor actress ohio dimension measure landscape design graphic staff about us wildflora

JJ Obee Landscape + Graphic Designer

Every authentic L.A. business needs a resident actor, and JJ is ours. She hails from the land of Buckeyes, where she studied landscape architecture at The Ohio State University. After graduating, JJ moved to Houston, Texas, working in the commercial realm of landscape architecture. Her design credits include rooftop gardens, resorts, streetscapes, and plazas, with her heaviest concentration on public playscapes. Though she made the move to California to pursue acting and writing, she has joined us part time to keep design in her life. JJ only accepts payment in the form of Dippin' Dots or mochi ice cream. 

wildflora employee staff christine

Kristine Bernabe Shop Lead + Floral Designer

Kristine is a SoCal Valley girl and a Business Marketing graduate from LMU (which seems like ages ago now). After a long streak of being a 9-5er, she chose to go against the grain and quit her desk job to pursue her love and passion for flowers with Wildflora! A California native with an innate knack and love for all things crafty, Kristine joined the Wildflora family with full steam ahead to be able to play with flowers every day. On days when she’s not in the shop, she enjoys hikes, growing her plant collection, traveling to new places; with itinerary planning down to a science (her favorites so far are Spain and the Philippines), and binge watching a new show with her pup, Huxley.   

Nicole Coco Amador wildflora business manager

Nicole "Coco" Amador Business Manager

Nicole "Coco" Amador is our master organizer, coming to us all the way from Redondo Beach.  Though she rocks out on the admin side of things, her love of nature makes her a great addition for Wildflora. It should be noted that she owns three sleeping bags (rated for different temperatures), and multiple "ready-to-go" camping boxes, allowing her to be launched into nature at a moment's notice. She comes with an eclectic past, multiple roles at Lemonade Restaurant from Cashier on up to Project Manager, Au Pair'ing in Australia, and professional scooter-riding in Bali. 


 Wildflora Los Angeles florist Ventura Blvd Studio City California florist flower delivery bouquet floral arrangement wedding event special occasion shop store garden gifts house plant pot michael Mike scholtz design landscape principal

Mike Scholtz Owner + Principal Landscape Designer + Contractor

Finding inspiration from the Hudson River School of Painters Transcendentalist Movement from his roots in the Hudson Valley of New York, Michael’s journey has led him to California, where the natural beauty of the state really appeals to him. Michael strives to bring forth nature in design, referencing the intrinsic, local beauty the earth provides in every design created. After obtaining his degree in Landscape Architecture and working for Landscape Architecture/Construction firms, Michael now dedicates his time fully to the WildFlora Landscape Design Studio as lead designer, focusing on using native drought tolerant plant materials.

Wildflora Los Angeles florist Ventura Blvd Studio City California florist flower delivery bouquet floral arrangement wedding event special occasion shop store garden gifts house plant pot landscape architect spain alex manzano

Alex Manzano Landscape Architect

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, there is no question that Alex is a worldly man. Traveling over 40 countries, Alex has gained a lot of inspiration from gardens and architecture all over the world. Alex has his degree in Geography from the University of Barcelona and his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Alex is currently enjoying his time stateside living in Los Angeles and bringing a unique perspective to the WildFlora Landscape Design team. 

wildflora communications outreach eric moore blue jacket succulent planter blonde white boy

Eric Moore Communications Coordinator

Eric grew up in suburban Iowa doodling and trying to start bands. After meandering his way to a B.A. in creative writing, he moved to Los Angeles in 2015. When he's not coordinating WildFlora projects, he's usually doing stand-up around the city, writing plays, or sipping some ginger tea. Despite popular belief, Eric is a natural blonde. 

wildflora employee staff simone landscape

Simone Knoff Landscape Project Manager

Simone, owner of a great hat selection, joined forces with the landscape department to continue her love of design. When she's not studying for the LARE (which is the crazy, hard test that officially makes you a landscape architect) Simone enjoys a healthy dose of outdoor time...which makes sense, given the career choice. She is a graduate from UC San Diego and continued her education at UCLA Extension, where she completed the Certificate Program in 2014. She has 12 years of experience in the world of landscape/construction/design - she's a dream!