Featured Flower Friday: ROSES!

Featured Flower Friday: ROSES!

Roses are one of our favorite flowers, and since there are so many textures, sizes, varieties, and colors, they make their way into most of our WildFlora arrangements.

In nature, flowers are often either have bright colors or an amazing fragrance to lure pollinators, but roses are one of the flowers that gets both!

Roses are also one of the birth flowers for all you June babies out there.

Traditionally, the colors have been associated with:

  • WHITE: Spiritual Love, Purity, New Beginnings, Innocence
  • IVORY/CREAM: Thoughtfulness, Grace, Appreciation
  • LIGHT PINK: Sweetness, Gentleness
  • DEEP PINK: Appreciation, Gratitude, Sincerity, Joy
  • RED: Romance, Passion, Love
  • DARK RED: Beauty, Perfection, Adoration
  • SALMON/CORAL: Desire
  • ORANGE: Excitement, Happiness, Enthusiasm
  • YELLOW: Friendship, Care
  • GREEN: Vitality
  • PURPLE: Love at First Sight, Charm

But here at WildFlora, we don't take the associations too seriously, and like to mix it up to keep things fun.





Feeling inspired to get some roses in front of you? Let's shop!

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