Dried Citrus: Holiday Decor in California

Dried Citrus: Holiday Decor in California

December is not only the season to be jolly (or as jolly as one can muster in 2020), it's also CITRUS SEASON!

If you're lucky enough to have a citrus tree in your vicinity, you may find yourself with more oranges, grapefruits, or pomelos than you can eat. So option 1 is to give them away to friends, family, or (our fav) Food Forward - a group that helps distribute your excess fruit to those in need in the Los Angeles Area.

However, not all fruit will pass the test for human consumption, in which case, it's time to craft!

Dehydrated fruit slices are a fun twist to traditional holiday décor. If you don't have a fruit dehydrator, no worries - you can use an oven to bake them dry as well. Just follow this tutorial by TasteMade.


We love using them as a punch of color in our holiday garland. (And, yes, that cat is fabulous. Her name is Monkey and she's the housemate of our founder, Alexandra.)


Additionally, if you peeped our last blog, you may recall seeing some little citrus slices getting cozy with our holidays wreaths. They're also cute for decorating your gifts, if you're feeling super fancy.


We also dig the way Harris Farm Markets put together these cinnamon and orange slice tree ornaments.


But fun fact: as long as you collect and dry the slices now, you can use them for décor long after the holidays are over. Check out this gilded dinner party garnish by Casa Watkins Living as well as the clever mix of herbs by Golden Isles Magazine.

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