Deck the Halls with WREATHS

Deck the Halls with WREATHS

Real talk: we love wreaths all year round, but it's the holidays, so what better time to crush on some of our favorite seasonal wreaths!


Pampas Grass gives a fluffy & full look, while a blend of edgy and delicate flowers creates a bold contrast.


Dried and dyed fern fronds and foliage make for striking statement pieces.


Looking for a neutral twist on your usual full-foliage taste? We love using dried fan palms to give a wreath a touch of the tropics.


Traditional is always a great look as well. For this design, we mixed our favorite dried florals with fresh evergreen sprigs to make one bangin' wreath.


There's itty-bitty, tiny wreaths you can hang on your tree or review mirror, and then there's big ol' loop-de-loops that would look gorgeous on a wall or house. No matter the space, we've got you covered.


Wanting one of these or even something a little different? Just give us a call or shoot us an email

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