Holiday Gift Boxes in Every Shade of Happy!

Holiday Gift Boxes in Every Shade of Happy!

As a shop full of design-minded individuals, we LOVE color, which is why we had such a blast putting these chromatic collections together. The gifts are great on their own, though we always love adding flowers for that extra kick!

Do you have a favorite?

DEEP REDS:  District LA Candle Wick Trimmers, Wild Yonder Botanicals Face Mask, Moonstruck Chocolate, Taper Candles, & Camp Cocktail Mix


ORANGES:  Calma House Towel, Juicy Peach Soap Square, Moonstruck Chocolate, Taper Candles, Poppy & Pout Lip Balm, & Wild Keychain


YELLOW & GOLDS:  Calma House Towel, Wild Yonder Botanicals Mineral Soak, Poppy & Pout Lip Balm, Camp Cocktail Mix, & WildFlora Bath Soak


GREENS:  Geo Soap and Soap Dish, WildFlora Bath Salts, Giant Air Plant, Mini Potted Succulent, & WildFlora "Everybody Plants Now" Enamel Pin


AQUA & TEAL:  Calma House Towel, Hidden Folk Incense and Holder, WildFlora Bath Salt, Moonstruck Chocolate, & WildFlora "Get Wild Stay Wild" Sticker.


BLUES:  Screen-Printed Canvas Tote, Wild Yonder Botanicals Bath Soak, Moonstruck Chocolate, Taper Candles, & Decorative Soap Dish


PURPLES:  Dried Lavender Bundle, Hali Hali Metal Cocktail Straws, Decorative Mug, Black Currant & Olive Butter Soap, Moonstruck Chocolate, & Incense Holder


PINKS: WildFlora Bath Salt, Luxe Sugar Cubes, Incense Holder, Crystal, Whole Flower Tea by The Qi Tea, Taper Candles, & WildFlora Wreath Keychain

Want one of these?

Give us a call or check out our online gift boxes - ready for pickup or shipping!

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