Dry Bouquets For Days ( and days and days...)

Dry Bouquets For Days ( and days and days...)

Dried flowers are a long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers, though here at WildFlora, we love both!

We posted a blog about some of our favorites back in the day, but we've since started drying more of our flowers ourselves, so it felt like a good time for an update.

Drying flowers at home is super easy. Just bunch them together, tie a string around the stems, hang them upside-down, and bam - instant floral décor! Since we dry flowers in large quantities, we installed a pipe bar with a bunch of S hooks. That way it's easy to add flowers of all sorts and colors whenever we want.

If you've just got a few cuttings that maybe you collected from your unknowingly generous neighbors, we also love the simple stick hanger. Just add string to either end of a stick or rod and add the dried flowers, spaced evenly along the stick.


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