Plant Parenthood: Rubber Tree

Plant Parenthood: Rubber Tree

The big, bold foliage of the Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica) make these a great addition to any brightly-lit room, plus, when it comes to how they look, you've got options! You can get a baby or a biggie, and they comes in a fun variety of colors

How we keep our Rubber Trees happy:

Rubbers do best in bright, indirect light (Not sure what that means? Check out our lighting diagram here). If they start getting leggy and you notice more space between leaves on the main stalk, they're likely telling you that they want more light.

During the dormant season (winter), they're happy with a drink every couple weeks. Once it's growing season (summer) however, as long as you use a well-draining soil, these plants are great for the enthusiastic waterer. They like to be kept in moist soil, but keep an eye out for yellowing (but not dry) leaves: the tell tale sign of overwatering.

We don't have a ton of summer rain here in Los Angeles, but a good way to show your plant even more love is to let cold tap water settle to room temperature before watering. Additionally, in drier home environments, these leaves benefit from regular dusting and a light misting.

These guys can get big and will do so if you upsize your container. For an even, full plant, it's also a good idea to spin the Rubber Tree occasionally, letting it do the workout of slowly turning it's growth toward the light over time.

Got a planter pot that you love? Bring it it, pick out your favorite Rubber Tree plant, and we'll get it all potted for you!


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