Pick-Up + Delivery - Updated 04/05/2021


For orders MAY 7th -9th:

  • Place your orders early! Once we hit our capacity we will unfortunately have to stop taking orders. 
  • If you're able, we HIGHLY encourage you to consider curbside pickup - this allows you to be more specific with the time you get your flowers than if you choose delivery.
  • Deliveries will arrive between 9 am and 5 pm. Because of the high volumes we are juggling, we can't guarantee more specific times than that. 
  • Since COVID spreads more readily indoors, our drivers will not be entering homes or buildings.
  • If you are sending flowers to someone at a business, apartment, or any building where flowers cannot be left outside, drivers will likely call recipients BEFORE LEAVING THE SHOP to make sure they are at the location and able to come out to gather the delivery. No worries - it doesn't ruin the surprise, it just bumps the surprise a little sooner and gives them a fun bit of time to be filled with anticipation!


The health + safety of our customers and workers is our #1 priority. As we continue to work through these tough times, we will do our very best to ensure all aspects of this special day run smoothly!



We ask that all guests

  • Wear a face mask in our stores or when picking up items.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 6' between you and others to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable. 
  • Upon entering, use our provided hand sanitizer.
  • Be understanding/patient that we will allow a limited amount of guests in the shop at a time.



Our shops are both open, but with rising COVID-19 numbers rising in Los Angeles and varying needs for individuals, we totally understand if you still want to use curbside pickup to play it safe.


  • Pull around to the back of our shop - on VENTURA COURT.
  • Call 818-754-1188 to let us know you're here (the number is posted outside!)
  • Once we grab you order, set it on the table, and step back, you may grab your items.
  • Please mind the distance between you and others by standing a minimum of 6' apart from workers and other guests.
  • Call 323-452-9339 to let us know you're here.
  • As the parking lot can be quite busy, please be mindful of where you are waiting!


We will be doing NO-CONTACT deliveries. Since we cannot leave flowers outside apartments, those recipients will BE CALLED BEFORE THE DELIVERY to coordinate.